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Working on my bedroom wall.

May 22, 2013     2 notes

Panda watercolor

April 11, 2012

Just did another panda on a canvas that’s four times the size of the last panda. This panda looks much better. (:

April 10, 2012     6 notes

I’ve decided to be the panda man. I wanna paint like three really really large canvases with pandas on them to hang in my room.

8 1/2’ x 11’ Sharpie

April 10, 2012     6 notes

My puppyface (:

April 10, 2012

A new drawing I started today, of both my cousins when they were kids/babies.

January 27, 2012

What I’ve done so far of the drawing I started last night.

January 27, 2012     2 notes

What I’ve done so far of the drawing of my best friend (:

January 26, 2012     4 notes

A drawing I did of my cousin and her boyfriend.

January 26, 2012     1 note

Last drawing, just finished it. It’s of one of my really good friends; Olga. She was my very first girlfriend (for a week), and also my prom date back on high school (because I was forever alone). Now she is happily married to an amazing guy. We randomly spoke tonight through Facebook and I decided to have a go at drawing her. It doesn’t much look like her, but I am pleased with how it looks. Anyways, enjoy. (:

January 22, 2012     17 notes

Female study. Because I was horny and wanted to look at some tits on tumblr. Then decided to draw so of the girls I saw. (:

January 21, 2012     3 notes

A drawing I did of my twin brother. (:

January 21, 2012
sweet theme, bro.